My journey with nylon

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Going to start documenting my progress with using nylons here. So stay tuned. I will also share my S3D profile when I think it's pretty decent and worth sharing. Just have to solve a bit more stringing but so far pretty good.

Just a few things off the bat to get started, this will all be done with a CR-10 non-S 300x300 printer but should be useful for any printer.

You are going to want to upgrade to an all metal hotend. That can be something like an E3D v6 I use this clone or a simpler micro swiss upgrade where you aren't swapping you're entire stock setup, use many of these for my other printers. However, pretty excited about the new Micro Swiss hotend coming out.

This one is optional but I really find it mandatory, you're going to need some type of enclosure. I suppose if you have the printer inside a closet or a small room without a breeze should be 'ok'. So long as the area can either be heated to 45C+ or hold in a lot of the heat already being generated.


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