E3D HeavyDuty Pen Mount

cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33
edited February 8 in Object Files
This will fit the left side of the e3d heavy duty mount system. Create a custom profile in your slicer just for pen/marker use so that you don't have any heat, extrusion etc, but make sure you have zhop so you don't have lines from one place to another. You also want to make sure whatever path you chose to create image/text to stl that the object height will only be a single layer. Also, for infill you need to make your nozzle diameter and extrusion with are small enough that it fills gaps and not just zig zag lines. So measure the tip that will be drawing and divide by 2 for your values. STL at bottom of page, screw holes for holding the utensil in place are for M3 or 3mm screws.

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