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Mamorubot Stick-On

cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33
edited January 24 in Reviews
This product was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer for my testing and review. However, if a product is poor quality, just ok, or otherwise I will say so free or not.

The product comes in a nice large box sealed in a anti-static bag. The price comes in at $15.99 for a pair which is a comparable to offerings such as Athorbot stick ons which are also $15.99 but come in packs of three. However, I will admit the look and feel of this product is much moe impressive. A nice touch is that many similar products tend to plaster logos and text all over the surface whereas Mamorubot has a tiny sticker in the bottom right which peels right off leaving a beautiful orange slate to print on. I am also told by the manufacturer that real 3M adhesive is used on their product unlike other cheaper alternatives that are quite a hassle to clean off. While I haven't tried removing it from my mirror the adhesive did appear different.


The stick on was very easy to apply but there is room for error causing microbubbles between the material and the surface you're adhering it to. I didn't experience any large bubbles or deformations while using a credit card but did get those microbubbles. I think this is mainly due to how flexible the product is vs a stiffer product such as Athorbot which doesn't allow much, if any bubbles in my experiences, even though both mats are similar in thickness. You can see these bubbles in this closer image below.

So far I've done a lot of testing with PLA, some making it too close to bed and other normal tests. I can say for certain that the parts stick extremely well, sometimes even when distance is perfect you might have to chisel at it but the material is very durable.

Having some issues with extrusion variations of cheap pla but held down nicely for this vase


So after putting it through some PLA paces I'd give it a 10/10 since it's PLA.

Now moving on to PETG I decided to print this abstract branch ( looks more like corral) and this print has small contact points and jerks and vibrates the hell out of your printer. However, it stuck like a champ on it's 12 hour journey and came off fairly easy. I plan on some more PETG printing but after the parts I have done so far I'd also give it a 10/10 for PETG.


Now onto nylon next..
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