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Mamorubot Build Plate

cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33
edited January 20 in Reviews
Here I will be discussing my experiences with Mamorubot's new build plate.
I did pay for this but will be compensated with the plate for my review. However, if a product is poor quality, just ok, etc I will say so free or not.

For those interested you can purchase this item HERE

The packaging is quite nice, while I took more photos of it apparently they vanished so I apologize for these crappy phone images. It comes in a thick glossy cardboard book style box, well padded and constructed more than it needs to be but adds an extra touch. The material is a glass reinforced polypropylene mix, it is not tempered glass.


I didn't test PLA as I haven't in years, I only print in PETG and nylon. I've been testing it for about a week now and it does work pretty well with PETG. I have encountered some mild warping on short prints under 5 hours. I've figured out you have to clean with isopropyl or something similar after each print. There is a odd residue left as well as what appears to be a powder around where the part was so cleaning that was a must.

This is my mess of an enclosure I use for my tinkering and testing. I have also modified the plate a bit for my purging routine.

I drilled out that hole for my starting script purge. Since the plate is as large as the bed where I would normally be purging off the side of a mirror for instance. This was a lazy fix, that and I'm not going to be printing there.

Currently printing a 16ish hour fractal pyramid as a test to see how well it holds up to PETG. Baring how it finishes here I'll give it a score at least for PETG. Haven't had any luck with any nylons yet but haven't had much time to test them/

Here it is finished, held down fine and wasn't even that great of a first layer. I think the ticket is cleaning very well with microfiber cloth and alcohol/isopropyl between prints.

For the last print for judging PETG I did a nice little vase overnight. To my excitement the object was already popped off from cooling and I didn't even have to mess with it. So I will have to give this plate, for PETG an 8/10 score.

My Ratings & Conclusion

Price Point: 7.5/10
While the product is nice, I still find it expensive for the material and intended function at $30. There are much more expensive specialty bed plates out there so not knocking it much. I think at the price point maybe adding in their stick on mat would incentivise the cost for the consumer.

Performance: 8.5/10
For me it's a bit hard to put an exact number down in this category. While I don't print every type of filament at least the more commonly used which may skew my review somewhat.

While I am pretty certain from past experience that PLA will have zero issues being used on this plate, mainly due to PLA damn near sticking to anything including clean glass. As for ABS, I haven't a clue but that filament is slowly becoming obsolete with the introductions of PETG, ASA, etc.

PETG has performed pretty well for me on this. The main thing with all bed plates is how much you smash the plastic into the bed. Too much and you get it baked in too little under extruded. So bed leveling no matter what is a big part of success in general. Though, the part does pretty much pop itself off or requires little effort when completely cold otherwise minor effort with a spatula while warm/hot.

Nylon unfortunately is a no-go for me. I've tried up to 80C and still can't get a full print which you can see down in the images below. That and using PVA I can get away with 45-50C. So for those wanting to go with nylon stick to PVA or whatever is already working for you.

Overall a nice product but considering it is still a consumable that isn't going to last you forever makes the price point at least for me hard to bite on. I still prefer hairspray or properly priced stick ons such as my favorite Arthorbot
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