SD Card Max Capacity

Does anyone know what the maximum SD card capacity is for the CR-10S? I'm looking at Toshiba Flashair cards and they seem to come in 16 or 32 GB. The original SD card is 8 GB.


  • cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33
    As far as I know, the 10S boards like the non-S only have microSD card slots. While you could use a microsd to sd ribbon cable something like this.

    For maximum size, I believe it 64GB, you're never going to use 8GB unless you never plan on removing a single gcode file for years.

    On my flashforge printers I use multiple 16gb flashair's and they work well but you have to modify the config file on the sd cards to allow upload, though I suspect the newer sd version have a tool for that from what I read a while back.
  • I got the 32 GB FlashAir and it works fine.
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