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Using nylon trimmer line :)

cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33
edited November 2017 in General Discussion
Found out a particular line produced by Taulman and it's 1.7mm round Nylon 6. You can tell by the mesh on the roll and how they hold the start of line with a rubber band just like their 3d printing filament. Also an Amazon reviewer stated they called and verified with the reseller. Excited to give it a go but need to print a tool to help spool some to new proper sized rolls. If it runs well $40 for 5lbs is a steal at $8/lb.

I've attached my profile that I've been using for this trimmer line. I've set filament size to 1.70mm you just need to adjust your nozzle size and anything else you want.

5lb/2.2kg Spool:
3lb/1.4kg Spool:



  • cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33
    edited November 2017
    So far so good, prints rather well :)


  • So far I've finished off the small sample I spooled. While it won't win any awards on visual quality it's been extruding without a hitch. THe top and bottom finish is just fine but the outlines are not uniform as smooth as designed for printing nylon, or even nylon 6 from esun. While I could assume it just needs more tweaking, me printing at .3mm and it being slightly under standard 1.75mm size, though other nylons at that resolution are fine. Either way for the price I think I've found my new goto nylon unless something crazy happens. Especially since I'm getting much less warping for some reason.

  • Not the best wind job but the first roll I did above was pretty bad and no hangups so let's see how it goes. Also, very impressed with this, pretty much zero warping and once the bed cools you can hear it coming off. Still need a tool to get it off but it's not as hard as it was when still hot.
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