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Micro-Swiss CR-10 Hotend Review

cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33
edited January 22 in Reviews

Full disclosure, I did get this for free for my review and feedback. I was provided with the first iteration which was not working much at all. I had put the two screws on for keeping everything tight while you heat and adjust nozzle. I barely tightened them and I'm not embarrassed to say when I mess up but after heating up they expanded and were never coming back out. This caused the block to be torqued and not aiming directly at bed and left the hotend useless even after poor test results from what I could.

I talked to the owner and told him my issues which he referred to me installing wrong, I even followed the installation video just to be sure I review it well and correctly. We discussed that it would take cutters or dremel to remove the screws and to my surprised asked if I had done that to fix the issue.....

Needless to say after him taking that seriously I said that I'm not longer going to mess with his product or future ones. I had expected for him to have me send in the one I got and send out the revised model but that was never mentioned. Sadly having used their products for many years that incident ruined it for me.

Now I will say that there are mixed feelings about the hotend many saying it's junk or having issues to many loving it so I'm not saying to not buy it just be aware that it isn't a very well designed drop in replacement. Your money would be better spend on a real E3D v6, a clone v6, or micro-swiss's all metal throat for the stock cr-10 hotend which will accomplish the same thing with less work plus cheaper.


  • So far having some extruding issues with nylon. Preparing to do another breakdown.
  • I have 3 of the flexible friendly versions. They will not work right or hold temp correctly unless you have a silicone stock or stock insulation installed. After adding insulation, the performance has been more reliable with TPU than the all-metal micro-swiss for me and I can retract more than 3mm without causing issues.

    Without insulation on the heat block, the temperature will go unstable as soon as you extrude material. The tech-support guy I spoke with at micro-swiss acted like something must be wrong with my setup when I called to report the hot-end wasn't working right. I have 4 CR-10's, so I installed it on 2 different printers and it had the same issues on both.

    Soon after micro-swiss claimed to be sold out and started shipping the new orders with silicone socks. This was a botched new product introduction in my opinion, because it did not work right until I added the stock insulation. The tech guy I spoke to at micro-swiss claimed theirs worked fine without any insulation, but I don't believe him after the troubleshooting the new install. I replaced the heater cartridge, thermistor, and all of the hot end wiring, but none of those things made a difference until I added insulation to the heat block. Rumor has it they had an emergency order of silicone socks from tiny machines to fix the heat instability issues.

    I have been testing equipment for a living for many years and I get real aggravated when vendors try to blame their lack of testing on an educated user's equipment.
  • Makes sense, I was rather upset to get the unfixed version with the issue on loading to begin with. Also when installing the hotend using the two screws I heated it up for getting stuff tight and they expanded and can not be removed causing it to be at an angle... I only tightened them until I felt resistance so barely at all. I told the main guy about it all and he said I installed it wrong lol and to use some sort of cutters to break the screws. I just put back on my e3d v6 and told him I'm not messing with it. No offer to send out a proper unit or replace it.

    I bet that was also a part of the issue with nylon as it likes hot, however, I don't use any socks on my e3d's so who knows.
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