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CR10 Ordered. What should I know?

Hi folks.

I have a new CR10 on the way, two actually, order cockup! I have 3D printing experience with the Ultimaker printers, but nothing else.

I've been through PrintaThingieVerse or whatever it is and found the belt tensioners, cable guides etc so I'm ready for it arriving. But, what else should I know about this printer before I get it setup, are there any spares I should order now? Nozzles, cables, belts?

Any information to help me get up and running quickly would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.



  • cyris69cyris69 Posts: 33

    Hey there :smile: I'd say for the very first thing would be to go by and get some 12x12 mirrors from either lowes or home depot. The original glass bed is pretty hit or miss with being level and having lots of off areas.

    As far as nozzles etc it really depends on what you plan on printing. If you are going to be sticking with PLA then the stock setup is going to be just fine. However, I might look into doing a custom mount so you can add more powerful fans. The fang design on thingiverse seems to be the most popular. If you do want to printing things like PETG, nylons, exotic materials I'd look into the E3D v6 (clones work just fine) or MIcro-Swiss's new hotend for the cr-10.

    As far as belt tensions mods goes, I honestly never needed them they are easy enough to tighten. Though, I think in the future I might upgrade the belts.

    You could also think about adding a leveling probe which is pretty useful it is DIY but there are also kits out there. THis would require flashing a new bootloader and firmware so I'd grab a arduino uno if you think you might feel frisky in the future.

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